End Time Current Events: 4-25-11

End Time Current Events: 4-25-11

Table of Contents:

  • US patent for microchip with tattoo!
  • The HEXagram & the Mark of the Beast
  • The National ID & The Mark of the Beast
  • Scientists warn that drugs of the future will be designed specifically to control the human mind
  • Dangers of a Totalitarian Society Exposed in “Brave New World”
  • Couple outraged after hospital takes newborn baby away
  • Fighting Child Protective Services False Accusations
  • Mother Jailed for Taking Vaccine Damaged Daughter Off the Drug Risperdal
  • Vaccines Cultivated from Aborted Babies
  • Top Government Vaccine Researcher Indicted For Fraud, Autism Research Now In Question
  • How does mercury affect children?
  • Spill causes scare at local H1N1 clinic Gym evacuated after mercury spills onto floor
  • EPA says you must weigh 550 lbs. to safely process the mercury in a flu vaccine
  • The latest scientific abomination: Genetically modified cows produce human breast milk

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