End Time Current Events: 4-12-15 — Part 4

Table of Contents:

• U.S. House Candidate Says Militias On High Alert in Response to Jade Helm
• Jade Helm is Operational!
• Wildcard Command Press Release 4/5/2015
• Report: DHS officially considers Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Utah and a couple of other states to be “terrorist” states
• WASHINGTON STATE: I counted 106 military vehicles heading East on I-90. On my Way East on I-90 heading home I counted 20 more military vehicles. That’s 126 in 2 days!
• Washington State Flies Chinese Communist Flag At State Capitol – US Patriots Come Out And Take It Down, Assisted By Law Enforcement
• Massive Military Convoy Spotted Headed Towards Texas! ‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It’ – More Jade Helm 15 Prep In America – Photos
• Jade hale – living in UT – what we see
• PILOT–We were in Tulsa yesterday on a scheduled flight and were delayed for a time while F16’s were flying with full bomb, missile and long range tank loads, while training at the airport
• This is the first time I’ve seen a B-52 flying in this area since maybe 20 years ago. What was even more strange was the chemtrail that appeared instantly as if someone flipped a switch on

PDF: End Time Current Events 4-12-15

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