End Time Current Events: 3-28-10-Part 2

Table of Contents:
Obamacare To Be Enforced By Armed IRS Thugs
Where Do Your Hard Earned IRS Tax Dollars Really Go?
Declaration of Dependence–Health-Care Reform
The House of Representatives handed President Obama his greatest victory yet by passing the National Health Care bill and sending it to the White House desk for signature. However, Planned Parenthood immediately publicly stated that the Executive Order which Obama promised to Rep. Stupak to get him to change his vote was worthless
New Health Care Law Will, Indeed, Set Up Death Panels
The Real Hussein Obama can now be seen clearly
India is preparing to force all its 1.2 billion people to accept a National ID Card with biometric features!
The drive to create the North American Union is moving forward, aided by a most unlikely campaign.
Interview with a Former High Priest of Santeria who is now a Born Again Christian
Joel Osteen blesses Houston’s new (gay) mayor Annise Parker
Into the Arms of Rome Through Ancient Church Fathers and the Eucharist
Will CERN Stargate Reveal Messages From Another Universe?
Encyclopedia Dramatica Warning
Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Coverup
He is NOT the Messiah… he’s an economist from Golders Green
In India, 1,000 attacks in 500 days
Medicating The Military
The Bible For Today– Help Us Send Bibles to Prisoners!
Afflicted Bible Missions Newsletter

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