End Time Current Events-3-25-18-Part 2

Table of Contents: 

  • Part 2 “Bolton appointment proves that Trump is being blackmailed!” Insider Delivers a Set of Serious Messages About the POTUS
  • China Yuan Crude Oil Market Opens March 26! Will China Destroy the PETRODOLLAR?
  • BROKEN PROMISE: Trump, GOP Congress Give Planned Parenthood $500 Million In Taxpayer Funds
  • TRUMP SIGNS MONSTER SPENDING BILL…Trump Base Revolts Over Signing of Budget Bill…BUDGET BLOWS INTO OBLIVION…Congress Gives Self Bonus!…Lawmakers Had 1,000 Minutes to Read 2,232 Pages…Pelosi, Schumer declare victory…
  • Ann Coulter: ‘In One Generation’ U.S. Will Be ‘South Africa,’ Trump ‘Betrayed’ Voters with ‘Paul Ryan Republicanism’

PDF: End Time Current Events 3-25-18

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