End Time Current Events: 3-21-10-Part 1

Table of Contents:
Bill Gates Outlines Plan At TED2010 To Reduce World Population Through Vaccines, GM Crops
The reality that Cardinals and Bishops at the highest levels of the Vatican are gay is being loudly proclaimed throughout the entire world
Catholic Priest Gabriele Amorth Confirms Disclosure By Malachi Martin: Says Satanists Exist At The Highest Levels In The Vatican
Satanists, Masonic Occultists In The Vatican, And Their Plan
BREAKING NEWS: The RED HEIFER is ready to be sacrificed for the 3rd TEMPLE
Another City Orders Home Bible Studies Closed
The Worldwide War On Baby Girls
A Delusional ET Opinion
Girl Scouts Distribute Planned Parenthood Sex Guide At UN
The Shameless Abortion Carnival
Orphanage in Uganda
DNA in Your Body Would Reach to the Sun and Back–70 Times!

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