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End Time Current Events-3-11-18-Part 1

Table of Contents: 

  • Bible Verses on Faith
  • Gun Confiscation Getting Very Close in Illinois: It is no longer a conspiracy theory spawned by deplorable bitter clingers, but a creeping reality Americans could be facing soon
  • US Representative Thomas Massie warning on gun control
  • Seattle Police Begin NAZI STYLE Gun Confiscation: No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges
  • Listener Comment About Gun Control and the Insanity in Seattle
  • Slippery Slope? DoJ Takes First Step To Ban Bump Stocks
  • Gun Confiscation Beta Tests Are Spreading Across the Country
  • Breaking! Gun Confiscation Beta Test In Redlands, CA

PDF: End Time Current Events 3-11-18

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

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