End Time Current Events: 2-24-13–Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Dept. of Justice Memo: Outlaw and Confiscate All Guns
  • FEDS BUYING ENOUGH BULLETS FOR ’24-YEAR WAR’ Radio host warns: DHS preparing for prolonged riots in U.S.
  • Gun dealers report shortages of ammunition
  • Government is buying up ammo that they had no use for, such as the 22LR, and just destroying it to keep it off the shelves
  • Ammo Prices Have Doubled Since December At ‘America’s Largest Gun Shop’
  • URGENT: Veterans Are Receiving Letters From VA Prohibiting The Ownership Of Firearms…!
  • Federal Government Moves to Disarm Veterans
  • DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners: Company produces cardboard cut-outs of “non-traditional threats”: Pregnant women, elderly & children–ANY MORE DOUBTS ABOUT WHOSE GOING TO BE KILLED ?
  • Company Behind Shooting Targets of Children Received $2 Million From DHS
  • Law Enforcement “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women
  • DHS Contractor Apologizes For Selling Shooting Targets of Children
  • Ten Year Old Arrested For Toy Gun Has Probation Officer, Lawyers And Second Court Date
  • Democrats Introduce Bill to Allow Police to Search Homes of Gun Owners
  • Oklahoma House Passes Firearms Freedom Act
  • Citizens Applaud Defeat of Firearms Ban in Massachusetts
  • Communist Propaganda Poster from 1918: “Comrades, Turn In Your Weapons!
  • Urge Your Congressman to Sign the Stockman-Broun letter–Both Reps. leading the way to defeat ALL gun control ACTION 
  • Every Move You Make: US to adopt new biometric surveillance system?
  • Like A Swarm Of Lethal Bugs, Behold The Most Foreboding Drone Video Yet
  • Big Brother Televisions: Intel Latest Firm To Announce TV Box That Spies On You
  • CISPA, the Privacy-Invading Cybersecurity Spying Bill, is Back in Congress
  • Top of Form
  • Yes, You ARE a Criminal You Just Don’t Know it Yet
  • Contending For Truth USB Drives back up for sale!

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