End Time Current Events–2-21-16 – Part 1

Table of Contents:

• Scalia murdered? Sealed his fate 4 days before his death? Four days before he died, Supreme Court Justice Scalia voted to stall Obama’s plan to force drastic climate-change rules on the American economy. The vote was 5-4. With Scalia now gone, the vote would be 4-4. With a new Obama Supreme Court appointee, if Obama could ram his choice through, the vote would be 5-4 in the President’s favor.
• Justice Scalia Dies At Ranch Resort Owned By Democrat Party Donor & Obama Award Winner
• Antonin Scalia’s Death Could Mark End of Constitution
Barack Obama ‘Thrilled’ Over Justice Scalia’s Death–Scalia famously blasted the Obama administration for such critical acts as Obamacare, illegal immigration, states rights, and executive authority.
• Obama Spends Less Than 2 Minutes At Scalia’s Wake
• Obama WILL NOT ATTEND Scalia funeral

PDF: End Time Current Events 2-21-16

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