End Time Current Events: 2-13-11–Part 1

End Time Current Events: 2-13-11–Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Rick Warren’s “Daniel Plan” Doctor Oz Will Lead Mass Hypnosis on TV
  • Chili’s Restaurant Funds Radical National Gay & Lesbian Task Force–Chili’s is proud “National Corporate Sponsor” of extreme homosexual group
  • Jerusalem UFO and Rider on a White Horse in Cairo are Signs of Maitreya, the World Teacher
  • Listener Comment Regarding Jerusalem UFO and the “V” Series
  • UFO – OVNI – UFO Jerusalem weather cam – 5th verification video – New Analysis
  • Listener Comment Regarding the “V” Series
  • Assange reveals significance of Wikileaks UFO cables
  • The “Ancient Astronaut” Lie: The Shocking Origin of the “Intelligent Design” Theory

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