End Time Current Events-12-9-19-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Unintentional Viral Video of Microchipping The Homeless in Austin Explodes—Homeless Man Describes Globalist Population Control Program While Receiving Haircut
  • Listener Comment: URGENT WARNING about the possible termination of MANY YouTube accounts on December 10th
  • Heads UP! DHS Proposes MANDATORY Facial Recognition Checks for US Citizens at Airports
  • Facial Recognition Now Required To Enter Some Gas Stations In America!!
  • Virginia Sheriff Vows to Deputize Thousands of Citizens if State Passes Gun Restrictions–County passes resolution to protect citizens’ right to bear arms
  • ONE-TWO PUNCH: 2020 Spring Floods – #NoPlant20? – Farmers Under Surveillance

PDF: End Time Current Events 12-9-19

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