End Time Current Events-12-30-19-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Pro-Second Amendment Billboards Pop-Up in Virginia as More Counties Declare Themselves “Sanctuaries”
  • Demon Possessed Gunman kills one and critically injures another inside a packed Texas church during a livestreamed communion before he’s shot dead by two armed congregation members
  • Satan’s Organizational Structure for What Humanity Is Facing Including The Intentions of 250,000 UN Troops Based In Cuba
  • Listener Comment: I bet the governor….of Virginia has A LOT of armed security guards! Turn off people’s phone because they don’t comply with his illegal laws? Really?
  • A Christian Patriot’s Prayer
  • Space Force Or Foreign Space Invaders?
  • Snake-like UFOs seen across eight states…
  • Listener Comment: 200+ UFO’s Spotted In The UK
  • UN Moves Towards Handing Dictatorships Power to Control the Internet
  • United Nations refugee camps put Christians last for food, shelter, baby items: Christians often languish in the United Nations refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan
  • ‘The Bible Is Banned’ – China Shuts Down Churches, Threatens Christians
  • ‘It’s Unbiblical and UnChristian’: Zambian President Resists Trump Admin’s Push to Legalize Gay Sodomy Under Threat of Losing Aid
  • IT’S HAPPENING: Colorado public schools now requiring students to role play child sacrifice “poems” as part of rape training indoctrination
  • Texas School Board Votes To Approve A Pedophile-Friendly Sex Education Curriculum That Promotes Sodomy, Transgender And Queer Agenda To Children As Young As 11-Years Old
  • Castration Incorporated: Planned Parenthood & the Business of Transgenderism–Watch & share this powerful investigative report on the nightmare history & roots of transgenderism

PDF: End Time Current Events 12-30-19

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