End Time Current Events: 12-27-09-Part 1

End Time Current Events-Part 1

Teaching Overview – In this study we will be covering the following topics:
Obama signs an Executive Order which grants INTERPOL — the International Police Agency — complete immunity from America’s Constitution and her laws!
The U.S. Senate passed a radical Health Care Reform Bill
Big Brother Christmas Census Promotional called ‘blasphemous’
‘Chilling’ New Muslim “How To” Video: How to slit throats
A world government was formed at the Copenhagen Climate Control / Global Warming summit, despite all the public rhetoric that the summit was a failure.
President Obama showed the American people exactly what his core values are with the way in which he decorated the White House Christmas tree.
2010 Food Crisis for Dummies
Christian leaders strongly warned to prepare for an onslaught of government persecution using ‘Hate Crimes’ legislation.
Tamiflu is now shown to be perfectly useless — fraudulent!
Is Obama Preparing For Civil War? Do you actually TRUST These Sources???
Sorcha Faal Exposed
Blasphemy Alert: EXOGENESIS: Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA!
Yikes! New Vaccines From Dog Cells, E-coli, Genetically Engineered Insect Cell Viruses
Listener information & Comments
Important Water Purification Product–Travel Kleen
RFID Blocking Secure Wallets

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