End Time Current Events: 12-24-12–Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Brooklyn churches seeing more gun buybacks
  • Large turnout for Camden churches gun buyback
  • NYPD Sponsors Gun Buyback Program At Evergreen Baptist Church In Brooklyn
  • Baltimore church gun buyback takes in 461 guns in wake of Conn. Shooting
  • At St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Laurel more than 150 guns were turned in at gun buyback event
  • Oakland’s Saint Benedict’s church gun buyback nets 300 guns
  • Christ Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Evanston hosts gun buyback
  • See Scott Johnson’s Teachings on the 501c3 Corporate Church of America: Feds Train 501c3 Clergy To ‘Quell Dissent’ During Martial Law (3 Parts)
  • Top Online Gun Retailer Suspends Sales of Firearms: “Effective Immediately”
  • First Amendment Rights Gone: Connecticut Police Spokesman: Newtown Will Prosecute Independant Journalist Whistleblowers (Video)  
  • Facebook now threatening to shut down accounts of users who question official narrative on Sandy Hook shooting
  • Warning–Language by bloodthirsty, demon possessed liberals: Liberals Call For Murder Of NRA President, Members & Repeal Of Second Amendment: Liberals are ticked off over a shooting that took innocent lives and they turn right around and want to murder innocent people that have done them absolutely no harm!
  • Watch & Listen to LIVE Police Audio & Television Footage proving there was more than one shooter @ Sandy Hook Elementary School
  • Footage Of Police Arresting Second Man In Woods Right After The Sandy Hook Shooting
  • Newtown: Two Shadows Running Past Gym while police are heard saying “THEY are coming toward us.” & “We got THEM”
  • I am the devil: Former classmate reveals school gunman had ‘online devil worshiping page’ as childhood barber recounts how he never spoke and just stared at floors
  • Beyond Evil “Kindergarten Killer” Video Game–NRA Says Games Like This Responsible For Mass Shooters
  • Listener Comment REGARDING the AUDIO of THE Sandy Hook SHOOTING & SSRI Medication Side Effects
  • Newtown Murders: Astonishing Hunger Games Coincidence, and killers mother now a Doomsday Prepper??
  • Sandy Hook Reference Coincidence In Batman: Dark Knight Rises Movie
  • SANDY HOOK & AURORA In The “BATMAN: Dark Knight Rises” Movie!!
  • Proof of Satanic Sacrifice? Sandy Hook Mapped In Dark Knight Movie & On Satanic Ley-Line

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