End Time Current Events: 12-16-12

Table of Contents:

  • Newtown Conn. school shooting story already being changed by the media to eliminate eyewitness reports of a second shooter
  • To stop school shootings we should let the criminals have all the guns; argue gun control advocates
  • ABC, NY Times reporters go full-on vulture tweeting the friends and family of the Connecticut massacre targets
  • Gun control? We need medication control! Newton elementary school shooter Adam Lanza likely on meds; labeled as having ‘personality disorder’
  • Lanza most likely had a form of Autism: Let’s look at the facts regarding Autism as Autism was virtually unknown before the modern day advent of vaccinations  
  • See Scott Johnson’s Teaching: Pharmakeia: Sorcery, Pharmaceuticals & the Roots of Modern Day Drug Industry
  • Gun control petition to White House gets large and immediate support online
  • The Documented Human “Death Toll” Cost of “Gun Control”
  • Crime & Murder Rates Plummet After a Law Required Firearms for Residents in Kennesaw, GA 
  • Dr. Johnson’s recommendations for natural alternatives to mind altering meds
  • Warning Gun Control Advocates are at a Fever Pitch to Ban Firearms

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