End Time Current Events–12-13-15 — Part 3

Table of Contents:

• The Floodgates Are Open And The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn – The Overthrow Of Our Country Is In Reach And The Globalists Will Stop At Nothing To Collect Their Most Coveted Prize – America
• ‘Total Confrontation’ Promised In 2016 As Mile-Long Military Train Videotaped In Texas! The Trend Is Towards ‘Weird And Creepy’ As Americans And Government Prepare For Something Huge To Happen!
• Next Phase Of Operation Complete To Disarm ‘Red List’ – Disinformation, Misdirection And Outright Lies In Obama Speech From Oval Office
• N.Y. columnist defames blames Christian victim for terror carnage
• What Will Happen In 2016? The Signs Are All Here – A Dire Warning For Americans – No Nation Lasts Forever!

PDF: End Time Current Events 12-13-15

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