End Time Current Events: 11-28-10–Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Big Sis Wants Behavior Scanners At Sports Events, Malls
  • TSA needs false flag security incident to convince Americans to accept obscene pat-downs
  • A Well Behaved Herd of Sheep
  • Airport Screeners: Denied radiation badges?
  • Spreadin’ the glove: TSA infecting U.S.? Unchanged Latex Gloves ‘have been in crotches, armpits, touching people who may be ill or have open sores’
  • Deadlier Than Scanners: TSA To Spread Flesh-Eating Bacteria
  • All “clear” on bypassing airport security again?
  • TSA scanners front to implement biometric chips
  • Body scanner CEO accompanied Obama to India

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