End Time Current Events: 11-18-12–Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Full On War In Israel, 2nd Great Depression Looms, Inflation Fears Are Growing, A Bank Run Is Imminent, Secession Movement Explodes, And Obama Is Building His Own Massive Civilian National Security Force! GET PREPARED!!!
  • Jill Kelley Helped Muslim Nations, Hezbollah Infiltrate Central Command, MacDill Base; “Go To Girl” For Muslim Parties w/ Generals
  • Jill Kelley, woman at heart of David Petraeus scandal, had tour of White House just days before CIA head’s resignation.
  • Petraeus ‘Knew Almost Immediately’ Al Qaeda-Linked Group Responsible for Benghazi
  • Intel officials unable to say who changed CIA talking points on Libya, lawmaker says
  • 2nd Great Depression looms Morici: Tax Hikes on Rich Won’t Solve Fiscal Woes, Depression Possible
  • No Fiscal Cliff Worries!! Legendary Billionaire Warren Buffet assures us the American economy is resilient enough to withstand this kind of hit, even if Congress and the President do nothing!
  • ‘We have no future!’ EU anger unites millions in protest
  • US Bank Run Dead Ahead? FDIC Expanded Deposit Insurance Ends Dec 31st
  • Succession Movement Gains Momentum
  • Obama Supporters Call For Secessionists to be Deported
  • HE’S NOT JOKING: Obama Is Building His Own Massive Civilian National Security Force!
  • America’s Brownshirts – Homeland Security graduates first Corps of Homeland Youth
  • Biblical Preparation Regarding the End-times
  • Massive Voter Fraud: Obama Wins 99+% of Vote in 100′s of Precincts, GOP Inspectors Forced Out, Provisional Ballots Ignored
  • 2012 Election Fraud: Zero votes for Romney in 68 precincts in Philadelphia and Cleveland
  • Can you believe that Mitt Romney received not one vote in 59 precincts in Philadelphia? World Net Daily has been alleging Democrat voter fraud ever since the election

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