End Time Current Events: 11-16-14 — Part 1

Table of Contents:

• Working for ICE ‘is h*** right now,’ as Obama plans amnesty for illegals
• Report: 42 percent of new Medicaid signups are illegal alien criminals & their children
• Video: ObamaCare’s Architect Confesses to Fraud
• Melissa Francis: When I Worked At CNBC They Stopped Me From Telling The Truth About Obamacare
• Your “Children Will Be Fined” If You Fail To Sign Up For Obamacare: People Are Going To Be In for A Shock
• Russell Moore, Rick Warren to Join ‘Pope Francis’ With Muslims, Buddhists for Interfaith Conference
• Pope Francis wants you to forgive ‘evil’ priests who sexually abused children
• STUNNER from Pope: Church Should Stop Being “Obsessed” with Abortion, Gay marriage and Contraception
PDF: End Time Current Events 11-16-14

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