End Time Current Events: 11-11-12–Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Bible Answers for Today
  • Barack Obama’s “Conquest” of America is being featured on the latest cover of Newsweek wearing a uniform like Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Election 2012: Dead And Still Voting
  • Voter Fraud: People Go to Vote, Ballots Already Cast in their Names; Others Vote More than Once
  • Fox News Glitch? Website Shows Millions of Votes by Mistake Before Polls Close
  • 2012 Election Results (LEAKED) Already in – Obama Won! – aired Oct 19, 2012
  • Hacking Voting Machines: Easier Than Ever Imagined
  • Vote in Key Battleground State of Ohio Already Challenged in Court
  • Election 2012: Evidence of Voting Problems, Fraud Flood In
  • Bev Harris: Get Ready for Massive Voting Fraud!
  • Chris Matthews Hails Hurricane Sandy For Aiding Obama Re-Election
  • 16 Million Missing White Votes! Where Did They Go?
  • America: What to expect next

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PDF: End Time Current Events 11-11-12