End Time Current Events-10-7-19-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • God is in Control–2 Kings 6:14-18
  • With Talk Of Civil War In The Air, Deep State Sourced Website Is Still Forecasting A Massive Die-Off By 2025: US Population Projected To Plunge By 227 Million In Less Than 6 Years – What Does CIA-Sourced Deagel Know That We Don’t Know?
  • One Million UN Troops Are In Place to Execute a Coup Against the United States- Military Reserves Being Called Up!
  • Breaking- UN Sightings From Illinois to California-10 States to Date
  • Trucker Alert—Regarding UN Vehicles on US Rails and Roads
  • With Coming Civil War, The Axis (UN and California) Had to cut Civilian Communications-Here’s What They Just Did–How to Communicate In a Crisis
  • “READY SAN DIEGO” Possibly Anticipating Martial Law–Authorities Want to Know If You Are Afraid–ECUADOR IN COMPLETE CHAOS; COUNTRY SHUT-DOWN

PDF: End Time Current Events 10-7-19

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