End Time Current Events: 10-24-10–Part 1

End Time Current Events: 10-24-10–Part 1

  • Is The First Lady Michelle Obama Practicing Wicca? 
  • The Liberals have made government assassination official US policy, a step toward which Conservative Republican George Bush only hinted at while in office. The American government now reserves the right to assassinate anyone they choose at any time, and for any reason!
  • The Chipping of America: Secret RFID Implants
  • Parents: Dying Girl, 7, Taunted by Neighbors in Trenton
  • The Beyond Disgusting “10:10” Climate Change Commercial–How to Cut Carbon Emissions
  • The Making of Little Traitors–“Snap Scouts”–Win cool stuff by spying on your Mom
  • Testimonies, Feedback, Questions & Requests
  • Biblical Proactive actions that really make a difference when dealing with evil entities
  • Fasting & the Bible
  • Recent Barbaric Experiments in Medicine + Many Proactive Health Tips

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