End Time Current Events: 10-21-12–Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment on Islam
  • Farrakhan’s Fiery New Warning to USA: ‘Every Plague Written in Koran is Going to Come to Pass’…
  • Suicide terrorist who killed 21 & wounded 50 Israelis receives “highest honor” from Palestine Committee of Arab Lawyers Union-Just one of thousands of similar awards commonly presented to Muslim mass murders
  • ‘Iran’s Gestapo’ Rounds Up Christians
  • Taliban Shoots 14-Year Old Human Rights Activist in Pakistan
  • Army Bows to Islamists, Sacks Lt. Colonel
  • Obama’s family raising money for Sharia Law in Kenya
  • Muslim-“Christian” Interfaith Group Calls for Blasphemy Laws

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PDF: End Time Current Events 10-21-12