End Time Current Events-10-17-10–Part 1

  • UFO Sightings in New York As Crowds of People Stare Into The Sky. Confirmed by Multiple News Networks
  • The October 13th Prediction That Came True! Summary Of All The Sightings
  • Manhattan: UFO Mass Conditioning Continues
  • 13 Crystal Skulls Re-gathering Ceremony commences in NYC
  • Bizarre BBC Alien Disclosure Commercial
  • UK schools doing UFO crash drills
  • Deliberately Engineered Economic Collapse in USA Leading to Martial Law
  • Ominous Independent Warnings of the US
  • Rick Warren Religious Pluralism These Bridges Are False!
  • Now Pastor Rick Warren Assumes Roll As Shill For Islamic Terrorists
  • Egyptian Cleric Sa’d Arafat: Islam Permits Wife Beating Only When She Refuses to Have Sex with Her Husband—This Honors her
  • The Beheading of Paul Johnson
  • PJTV: Survivor Of Sharia, Wafa Sultan Now Fights Against It
  • Obama appointed two devout Muslims to homeland security posts
  • Muslim Brotherhood ‘declares war’ on U.S.
  • Terror threat to restaurants as Al Qaeda calls for attacks on government workers in D.C.
  • Campbell’s Soup catering to Islam–Famed company says products certified by Hamas-linked team
  • Sacrificed to Allah Eaten By Christians_Top supermarkets secretly sell halal: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, and M&S don’t tell us meat is ritually slaughtered
  • Listener Comment: Disturbing Immigration Views

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