End Time Current Events-10-14-19-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • FEMA Moves on Northern California
  • Watch the California P-u-r-G & E Fires Begin in Real Time!! California Under Attack Yet Again! 5 Simultaneous Explosions!
  • California ‘Hellscape’ Fires Latest – Tear thru Los Angeles – Mass Evacuations & Panic!
  • California blackouts expose scam of solar panels: They don’t work when the grid goes down
  • Climate Change DEMOLISHED! 2 Studies Just EXPOSED The Entire HOAX!
  • Ten Key Graphs Refuting The Climate Change Scam
  • California Expands Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law! 15 New Gun Laws!!!
  • The New Normal–Stackem and Packem!!!!–Why are these L.A. people sleeping in stacked pods? It’s not just the cost of housing
  • Impossible Prediction! Most Devastating Disruption Of Food Supply In 10,000 Yrs Is Coming!
  • An “All-Out Blizzard” That Is “Unheard Of For October” Hits Farms In The Midwest With Up To 2 Feet Of Snow

PDF: End Time Current Events 10-14-19

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