End Time Current Events: 1-17-09-Part 3

End Time Current Events: 1-17-09-Part 3

Teaching Overview – In this study we will be covering the following topics:

Pray For Haiti
Government Of The Devil, By The Devil, And For The Devil
Haitian society split over voodoo
Witchcraft: Voodoo in Haiti
Benjamin Creme Addresses Maitreya’s Mission Beginning Comment
500,000 feared dead in massive 7.0 earthquake in Haiti
New Executive Order Signed by Obama Effectively Creates Structure of Military Governors for Martial Law
Spring Food Crisis May Trigger Economic Collapse
Twisted: Administration’s ‘safe schools czar’ and the North American Man-Boy Love Association
Obama Praises Homosexual Icon Frank Kameny who calls the ‘God of the Bible’ a ‘Sinful Homophobic Bigot’ who Needs to Repent
Regarding ‘Junk DNA’
Police gun collection drill

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