Emergency Health Alerts & Current Events-5-4-20-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Rockefeller Foundation Admits Covid-19 Global Depopulation Weapon
  • NYC ER Doctor: It’s Time to Reopen America
  • VIDEO: Hawaii Becomes China & Bans Protesting
  • Dave Hodges: If Americans Are to Survive, They Must Be Willing to Adopt “Rules for Radicals” Strategies
  • Survey Shows Most Americans Can’t Or Won’t Use Contact-Tracing Phone Apps
  • Beware of Contact Tracing!!!
  • Army Of Medical Nazi ‘Brown Shirts’ Being Created On A National Level
  • 501c3 Churchgoers Must Register With the Government in Kansas City Due To Covid-19!!!!!–Kansas City, Missouri, officials are now requiring every church to submit a list of members and attendees along with their names, addresses and telephone numbers to city officials for tracking and surveillance purposes.
  • The Satanic ‘Powers That Be” Say: PANDEMIC COULD LAST TWO YEARS While Developers are Rushing to Make Vaccines
  • Top Headlines
  • Michigan: Governor Asks Legislature for Emergency Declaration Extension — REFUSED; Votes to SUE HER as ARMED Citizens entered state capital
  • Mass Resistance Escalates in North Carolina
  • Medical Tyranny UNLEASHED on People of NC After Practicing Constitutional RIGHTS
  • Must-see infographic: The “Death Science” Depopulation Trifecta … Biological weapons, vaccines and 5G, all aimed at humanity

PDF: Health Emergency Alert 5-4-20

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