Emergency Health Alerts & Current Events-5-25-20-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Rapist Alan Dershowitz (Who Has Been Both Donald Trumps and Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyer) & How Teen Runaway Virginia Roberts Became One of Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims Via Trumps Marlago Estate
  • Trump impeachment attorney Alan Dershowitz describes legal strategy
  • New Tape Shows Donald Trump And Jeffrey Epstein At Mar-A-Lago Party In 1992 | TODAY
  • Trump’s Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta helped cover up sex crimes by Jeffrey Epstein
  • ‘Cartoon Of Trump & Clinton React to Jeffrey Epstein Scandal’ & How Alan Dershowitz Plays Into This
  • Will government mandate COVID-19 vaccinations? Apparently, it can — and it might
  • Double Minded and Untrustworthy Trump says coronavirus vaccine will NOT be mandatory at the federal level, but governors might force vaccinations at the state level
  • CORRUPTION and GREED: Trump’s vaccine czar raking in millions in stock profits following public relations propaganda claiming coronavirus vaccine research progress
  • AstraZeneca ready to vaccinate half of Great Britain for the Bioengineered Covid-19 Virus by SEPTEMBER!!!!
  • These Unthinkably Evil Criminals Reportedly Among 4.5K Inmates Freed In Illinois!!!!
  • Pause Torture Technique–Fauci Sends a Message to Democratic Mayors and Governors
  • What is the Endgame Here?: President Trump ISSUES ALL CHURCHES OPEN
  • IS CORONAVIRUS IN THE FLU SHOT?–Top Immunologist, Prof. Dolores Cahill, backs a stunning claim made by scientist Judy Mikovits in the censored viral video #Plandemic, explaining in detail how coronavirus, and other viruses, may be contaminating the seasonal flu shot.
  • One on One w/Dr. Judy Mikovits: Truth about her Arrest and the One Issue Media can’t “Debunk”

PDF: Health Emergency Alert 5-25-20

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