Emergency Health Alerts & Bible Study-3-23-20-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • The Lord’s Protection & The Biblical Remedy for Fear
  • It’s Official: U.S. Military Activated within CONUS
  • Army to deploy to New York after Trump declares major disaster: Troops to turn hotels and sports arenas into hospitals as ventilators run low, lines form outside hospitals
  • Idaho Begins Fining and Jailing Those That Break Lockdowns
  • Meet The Press Broadcast – March 22nd, 2020
  • BREAKING! National Guard Deploys To FedExField In Maryland
  • Exclusive: First Photos Inside Dallas Coronavirus Quarantine Facility Leaked
  • The rows eerily similar to the quarantine medical centers used during the deadly 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic
  • The Coronavirus Covid-19 ORIGINS and the END GAME plan

PDF: Health Emergency Alert 3-23-20

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