Emergency Health Alerts-3-4-20

Table of Contents:

  • Top US doctor says coronavirus now an ‘outbreak,’ possibly a ‘pandemic’
  • WE DEVELOPED A VACCINE: Dr Fauci CLASHES with the Media at URGENT Press Conference with Trump”
  • The coming coronavirus VACCINE may be MORE dangerous than the VIRUS!
  • Celeste Solum – “COVID-19: A Biological 9/11 Happening Now”
  • Current Coronavirus Headlines
  • Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for March 3, 2020–Show Highlights: Trump wants vaccines immediately? Where’s the proper testing? What’s the motive? Is this part of the greater agenda of medical martial law? Will we have forced vaccines? Tracker chips? Why is vitamin C research being suppressed? Why is colloidal silver, Vitamin D-3, and potassium iodide research being suppressed?
  • Comment On Essential Oils and The Coronavirus
  • Recommend Protocol For The Corona Virus

PDF: Health Emergency Alert 3-4-20

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