Emergency Health Alerts-3-30-20-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Current Coronavirus Headlines
  • They WANT it to spread! Kaiser Permanente threatens to FIRE nurses for wearing their own N95 masks
  • USA NOW LEADS WORLD IN CASES US coronavirus death toll leaps to over 2,000 as number of fatalities DOUBLES in 2 days
  • New York, Hawaii and North Carolina beg FEMA for “Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams” (DMORT)
  • Mobile Morgue Trailers Being Deployed Near Major US Cities
  • New York City Begins Deploying “Mobile Morgues” at Hospitals
  • Both US aircraft carriers in the Pacific are taken out of action for up to a MONTH after sailors get infected with coronavius – giving China an almost free hand in the region as Pentagon raises threat level to second highest setting
  • You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet – Crime May Explode Soon Due to COVID-19–Current Situation Regarding Police Response in Many Areas
  • Dallas Police Say They Will No Longer Respond To Calls about Theft But You Better Not Violate the Stay at Home Order Or Risk Going to Jail!!!
  • How will police enforce the stay at home order in NC? Remember to be a good little compliant sheeple!!! & hope some little Nazi brown shirt does not narc on you!!!! Authors George Orwell (of 1984) and Aldous Huxley (of Brave New World) would be so proud!!!
  • Coming–You Can’t Travel Without a “VACCINE CERTIFICATE” Says Bill Gates
  • Bill Gates Is Quite Confident That He Can Leverage The Coronavirus To Make Every Person On Earth Receive A Vaccination With Digital ID
  • Drones being used to track people
  • Coronavirus being used as justification to implement a total surveillance society
  • The Virus Is Only the Opening Salvo of the Planned Destruction of America
  • Global Pandemic Response Handing Governments Sweeping Powers They May Never Relinquish
  • Stealth Federal Law Used to Repeal Second Amendment During Coronavirus Crisis
  • How This Pandemic Exposes The Truth About Gun Control
  • Leftist tyrants increasingly shutting down gun shops amid coronavirus outbreak, leaving Americans vulnerable to chaos and riots if things turn ugly
  • Exclusive! Texas Gun Shop Owner Stood His Ground When Armed Police & Code Enforcement Ordered Him To Close

PDF: Health Emergency Alert 3-30-20

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