Emergency Health Alerts-2-24-20-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • 7,000+ In US Under Coronavirus Quarantine! Bet You Didn’t Hear That In The News! China Incinerates!
  • FYI: Not Verified, I don’t like date setting, but: URGENT COVERT INTEL. . . Be Prepped BEFORE THURSDAY
  • COUNTDOWN to the Coronavirus “Day of Reckoning” approaches
  • Supply Chain Chaos Unfolds At Major Chinese Ports As Frozen Meat Containers Pile Up
  • Alabama FEMA Facility Will Be Used As Coronavirus Quarantine Center
  • Hundreds of Animals Drop Dead In China After Being Poisoned by Virus Disinfectant
  • FDA Warns of Drug And Medical Supply Shortages From China
  • Current Events Headlines For The Coronavirus
  • AMERICA: This is Why YOU need to prepare, RIGHT NOW, over Coronavirus: Quarantine=No Trucking
  • Apple says iPhone sales will take hit from coronavirus–All Apple stores in China are closed. So are all Starbucks and McDonald’s. The factories cannot re-open, there are no people to run them.  760 million people are quarantined. That means they’re not allowed to go to work. Factories are closed
  • Listener Comment: “Abuse after using Thieves spray while travelling nationally by airplane in NZ”
  • Recommend Protocol For The Corona Virus

PDF: Health Emergency Alert 2-24-20

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