Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-20-21-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • WARNING–U.S. East Coast Could be SUBMERGED by Tsunami at Canary Islands Volcano Eruption with Landslide in Progress!+ Most Tsunami Warning Buoys OFFLINE or Malfunctioning in Atlantic Ocean
  • The Big Picture Regarding What We Are All Fighting–The Luciferian Covenant
  • Listener Comment: I’m just looking for your experience fighting voodoo and witches—Spiritual Warfare
  • 20,000 Migrants En Route to Join 10,000 at South Texas Camp, Official Warns
  • “In my 20-year career, I have never seen anything this out of control,” border agent says
  • HAITIANS SWARM BORDER Exclusive: Drone Captures 2nd Huge Haitian Caravan Smashing Across Texas Border
  • The UN Ramps Up Its Invasion of America & the UK—In this Case Mostly Fighting Age Male Unvetted Muslim Afghans and Haitians

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 9-20-21

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