Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-31-20-Part 4

Table of Contents:

  • Tales from America’s COVID college campuses: College campuses have transformed into some of the most restrictive environments in America–‘COLLEGE GULAG’S’,IS WHAT THEY ARE -WHERE WILL THE JOBS BE FOR THESE KIDS? JOB MARKET IS DESTROYED!
  • FURIOUS protesters tried to storm the historic Reichstag, the German parliament building, as chaos erupted at ‘anti-coronavirus’ protests across European capitals
  • Covid-19 Protest Successes across Europe today
  • Hundreds Of Parents Protest Mandatory Flu Shot Order By State Health Officials Just wait until they attempt to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine nationwide
  • That Awkward Moment when the PRESIDENT OF GHANA goes on NATIONAL TV in Ghana …and then proceeds to tell the Entire country about the SATANIC Rockefeller plan to put out the Covid-19 Virus for GLOBAL Depopulation and to destroy the Global Economy…and WHERE TO FIND ALL THE PROOF…..
  • Coronavirus vaccines are loaded with ingredients made from aborted baby body parts
  • ANDY STANLEY DECATUR CITY CHURCH COVID19 TESTING SITE–Mega churches going along with the deception–They will also push the vaccine–They will push the mark of the beast
  • Listener Comment: It bothers me a great deal about these Christians who just accept the lies and have no idea what is going on—Plus the Answer to this from Scripture
  • Spiritually Prepare for the Coming Fight!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 8-31-20

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