Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-31-20-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Updated List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Yet Another Encouraging Email From A Demon Possessed Satanist–Ironically Entitled: “The end shall come” & My Response
  • Thelema is a Satanic occult philosophy developed in the early 1900s by Aleister Crowley, also known as The Beast 666–The main tenant of Thelma is: “Do what thou wilt”.
  • The Hermetic Qabalah
  • See Scott Johnson’s Teaching: Scientology, Aleister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard and Black Magic
  • Order of the Thelemic Golden Dawn
  • Also see Scott Johnson’s teachings: J.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, The Inklings, Narnia & the Golden Dawn-Part 1 & 2 and C.S. Lewis: In His Own Words-Part 1 & 2
  • QUEEN OF HEAVEN: The Closing Moments Of The RNC Issued A Call For Help To The ‘Blessed Virgin Mary’ In The ‘Most Catholic Moment’ In American History
  • MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN? The Video Documenting the Demonic Apparitions of the Catholic Queen of Heaven “Mother Mary”
  • Hundreds of faith leaders endorse Biden to ‘restore the soul’ of US
  • Faith 2020 earned endorsements of faith leaders from an array of different religions– Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim and others
  • End Time Current Events–9-11-11–Part 4 By Scott Johnson–Creeping unnoticed into the Lutheran church – meet Nadia Bolz-Weber the tattooed, female, pro-sodomy, emergent, foul mouthed, feminist, Lutheran (Catholic priest collar wearing) “pastor”

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 8-31-20

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