Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-3-20-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Minneapolis police tell residents to obey criminals and ‘be prepared’ to be robbed!!
  • Suspicious Tempe, AZ Train Derailment
  • Antifa in Portland Stay True to Their Fascist Roots and Begin Burning Stacks of Bibles and the American Flag in Front of Federal Courthouse
  • BLM & Antifa Headlines
  • Muslim Migrants Are Starting To Rise UP! Seattle: African Immigrants INVADERS Flying Flag of Terrorist Separatist Group Beat White Man in The Street 
  • Team Biden releases its plan for America
  • “Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen” — Imminent Eviction Wave Is Coming To These States
  • I went to the grocery store today–There is a “national change shortage”.
  • They are attempting to make everyone pay with a debit card 
  • Massive US Coin Supply Shortage Happening, Federal Reserve Stopped Shipments
  • In A Press Conference Saturday Trump Announced The Military Will Administer Vaccine “WITH FORCE”!!!
  • COVIDOCRACY: The CDC Is Partnering With The Pentagon And The Department Of Defense In A ‘Joint Venture’ To ‘Deliver A Vaccine’ To Every American
  • President Trump Says: The Military Is Being Mobilized To Distribute A Coronavirus Vaccine Once It’s Ready
  • From Greg Everson Around 2009: Shut Up, Take the Vaccination or Get on the Bus!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 8-3-20

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