Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-24-20-Part 1

Table of Contents: 

  • This is a very powerful prayer against Witchcraft…with fasting even more powerful…
  • TRUST THE PLAN!! TRUMP FIGHTNING HARDER THAN ANYONE ON PLANET EARTH TO GET ALL AMERICANS VACCINATED AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!!!! HE WANTS WHAT SATAN WANTS-FOR YOUR DNA TO BE DEFILED & YOU’RE YOUR SOUL TO BE DAMANED!!!!!! Top Report On Drudge–‘DELIBERATE DELAY’–Trump calls FDA part of ‘deep state’ & accuses drug administration of slow-walking vaccine tests until after election
  • Trump is the most hysterical vaccine pusher on the planet at this point & now he is considering fast-tracking UK COVID-19 vaccine before election
  • Breaking: In secretly recorded audio, Trump’s sister says ‘you can’t trust him’…’He has no principles. None. None’…’His g**d****** tweet and lying’…
  • Another Warning About Trump by Former Trump Supporter Colonel Potter
  • TRUMP 2020 QANON #MAGA Warning—Trump Mobilizing the Military to Vaccinate the United States Citizens “In a powerful manner” & “Give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly”

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 8-24-20

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