Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-22-22-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Pfizer Shot Killed 44% Of Pregnancies In Trial: Court-Ordered Report Exposes Mass Murder
  • Richard Urso MD Explains The Explosion of Cancer and Latent Disease After Covid Kill Shot
  • Covid Jab: Scientist Discovers Hatching Eggs & Parasites Birthed After The Covid Injection!
  • Never Before Seen: Blood Doctor Reveals HORRIFIC Findings After Examining Covid Vaxx Vials
  • 10,000 people A DAY being killed by covid vaccines; worldwide fatalities likely larger than the HOLOCAUST–Natural News releases post-vaccine clot ICP-MS elemental analysis results, comparing clots to human blood … findings reveal these clots are NOT “blood” clots
  • Covid Kill Shot Headlines–Straight From Their Official Databases (But their databases admit to typically only reporting 1-3% of actual deaths and injuries): 75,322 Dead 5,938,318 Injured Recorded in Europe and USA From the COVID Shots – Babies and Toddlers Hallucinating and Having Seizures After Shots
  • Shocking: UK Government Admits COVID Vaccinated Children Are 4423% More Likely to Die of Any Cause & 13,633% More Likely to Die of COVID-19 Than Unvaccinated Children 
  • BREAKING: Fibrous Body-Length Clots Embalmer: “Fibrous Clots Spread Through Entire Arteries”
  • NIH Admits Covid PCR Test & Shot Linked To Human Cloning & Changing Our DNA–Cross Species Genetics Being Installed In Covid Shot Recipients!!
  • COVID VAXX VIALS Breaking Development: Discs in the Kill Shot Carrying “Mystery Payload Delivery System”
  • Exclusive Horrific Images: Circuits In Covid Jab Internet Router Causes Circuits To Self-Assemble
  • NATURE journal reveals how graphene (Used extensively in the Covid Shot) can be used to assemble radio frequency electronics in biological systems
  • Shocking Discovery: Biocircuitry Found In Chemical Analysis Of Vaxxed Fibrous Clots
  • Covid Shot Detox Recommendations
  • Stroke Recovery Protocol

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 8-22-22

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