Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-2-21-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Funeral Director Explains What’s Really Happening in England–The UK Government Is Expecting Major Deaths from the vaccines
  • Maryland Nurse Reports On Vaccination Catastrophe
  • Insanity & Lying Devils!!: Hospitalizations and Deaths Among Vaccinated Surge–While Health Authorities Blame the Unvaccinated
  • Listener Comment: Screenshots of the Lying Bots of Twitter
  • DEADLY S-H-O-T-S! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Graphene Oxide Hydrogel Poison in C-O-V-I-D ‘Vaccine’ Connects Vaxxed to 5G–This is bombshell & confirms several other reports that have broke as of late!!!
  • Watch object (Most likely a Graphene Oxide self-replicating mass) removed from vaccination site–This could be you if you get the Experimental jab
  • The Vaccinated Should Not Hold A Cellphone Anywhere Near The Brain Or Even, Body!! Watch “The Thing” Come To Life!! Graphene Oxide Is A Key Ingredient In The Covid Kill Shot!! EVIDENCE OF A HIGHLY ORGANIZED INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT GLOBAL GENOCIDE
  • Listener Comment: I am no longer magnetized!!!!! Fulvic Acid WORKS!
  • Graphene Oxide Chemtrail Skies?
  • Report From 2018–The Future of Graphene and 5G
  • INBRAIN Neuroelectronics Secures $17 Million in Series A Funding for First AI-Powered Graphene-Brain Interface
  • Listener Comment: Voice-to-Skull Tech Beaming Vaccine Propaganda? Are they cloud seeding the vaxx?!
  • BOMBSHELL! GERMAN & UK DEFENSE WORK ON MASSIVE “HUMAN AUGUMENTATION” PROJECT FOR CIVILIAN POPULATION—FYI: Those that Survive the Covid Kill Shots Have Already Gotten Their First Nanotech Cyborg/DNA “Upgrades”
  • COVID VAX? U.S. Supreme Court Case – “new and useful . . . composition of matter,” Can Be Patented . . . People Who Take the Vax now have altered DNA which is Patentable—Are the vaxxed even fully human anymore?

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 8-2-21

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