Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-10-20-Part 4

Table of Contents:

  • Invasive CHECKPOINTS Being Setup At New York City Bridges and Tunnels–$10k Fines Being Enforced!
  • Only 42% of Americans Say They Will Submit to Coronavirus Vaccine
  • FAUCI: Vaccine has ‘not great’ chance of being highly effective…
  • Pharma Panic!??? MODERNA’s CEO & CMO Liquidate their Shares
  • Catholic bishops in UK say congregants must get vaccinated, even when jabs are made with aborted babies
  • Planned Parenthood aborted babies being used to make 27 different vaccines
  • New Fetal Cell Line from Live Abortion Emerges for Vaccine Production
  • Listener Comment Regarding Vaccines and His Children
  • World’s Top Epidemiologists: Face Masks Don’t Work!
  • Massive Protest in Germany Against COVID-19 Masks and Vaccines
  • Listener Comment: Resistance Is Growing–City Mask Mandate Update
  • Pastor Greg Locke Regarding the Masks–LET ME BE CLEAR. I’M NOT IN COMPLIANCE. I’M IN DEFIANCE!!!
  • Listener Comment: Testimonial (Power of Prayer) Regarding the Face Masks
  • It Has Begun!!! Legal Eviction from Their Home for Not Wearing Mask ~ Sam & Amy’s Terrifying Story

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 8-10-20

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