Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-27-20-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • President of Burundi Found Dead After He Called Covid-19 a Hoax and Expelled the WHO
  • China: Two 14-Year Old Boys Died While Wearing Masks in Gym Class
  • More Resources Proving the Masks are Detrimental To Our Health
  • Non-Mask Wearers Are The New Enemy of The Scamdemic Proponents and Have to Be Demonized–Listener Comment: Seeing more and more articles like these–Apparently “Covidiocy” are mask deniers–To deny the “obvious” goodness of a mask means you’re a “Covidiot”
  • MASKS ARE GONE IN Orange County, CA — The Healthy American, Peggy Hall – 6/11/20
  • ++ US Surgeon General Doubles Down: Face Masks Increase Virus Risk
  • ++ Face masks do not protect the wearer from transmission by others–The American Medical Association just released a position paper on masks:
  • ++ Face masks restrict the elimination of virus, recirculating the virus into the nasal/sinus and upper respiratory passages
  • ++ Constantly wearing a face mask causes you to breath in your own CO2 (carbon dioxide) at a far higher rate than if you were not wearing a mask. This will eventually cause respiratory acidosis
  • ++ Also virus particles like Covid-19 are far too small to be filtered out by the standard face masks people are wearing
  • ++ Please READ THIS FIRST BEFORE EVER WEARING A MASK: When wearing a synthetic mask the person is filtering their air through a synthetic material that outgases the petrochemically derived constituents that most are made of. The masked individual is then breathing in those aerosolized toxic chemicals\
  • ++ World Health Organization (WHO) says there is virtually no spread by asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers–Vaccines and Masks Pointless–\
  • Nearly 40 States Require Face Masks. But Is It Constitutional?
  • “UNITED WE STAND” SACRAMENTO 7/25/20–The Healthy American–Peggy Hall
  • Wink Wink—Amazing Science Teacher Explains Why Children SHOULD Wear Face Masks When They Return to School
  • Nazi USA!!!! Indiana Makes Not Wearing Mask a Class B Misdemeanor–Punishable by 6 Months in Jail!!!
  • Man Cited by “Mask Police” Outside Supermarket for Wearing Face Mask Incorrectly
  • Businesses to Boycott: Walmart, Target, CVS, Kroger, Kohls, Dollar Tree, Starbucks, Best Buy and Costco Require Masks at All Locations
  • It’s Just A Mask

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 7-27-20

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