Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-27-20-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • The Coming Covid-19 Vaccine–“Everyone Should Know This Before It’s Too Late”
  • COVID-19 Has Been Weaponized To Demoralize And Destroy The Global Population As The Elites Are Now Bringing In The New World Order
  • Chicago to churches: Comply with coronavirus mandates or have your facilities bulldozed
  • In Governor Newsom’s California Even In-Home Church Gatherings Are Now Banned Due to Coronavirus–‘THE CREATURES OF DARKNESS’ ARE MAKING WAR ON THE SAINTS AS THE CHURCHES SIT IN SILENCE AND FEAR! 
  • California to Release 18,000 Prisoners by End of August to ‘Slow the Spread of COVID-19’–Violent criminals, pedophiles and sex offenders are being released by the thousands in California as Democrat tyrant Gov. Gavin Newsom announced his second lockdown
  • Multiple Reports of How They Are “Cooking the Covid-19 Infection Case Number Books”
  • Don’t Get the Test!! ~ Proof of Nasal Vaccines
  • Listener Comment & Warning: She Was Covid-19 Tested Twice—But the Second Time Was Very Different Than the First Time
  • EXCLUSIVE: California apartment building locked down under mandatory quarantine of all residents, with MANDATORY COVID-19 testing; all key cards deactivated, security guards posted at entrances during “lockdown”
  • SCIENCE FRAUD: Florida Gov. DeSantis calls for investigation into why people are testing “positive” for coronavirus tests they never received
  • COVID Scam About To Go Mainstream! 600K People Accidentally Told They Have COVID-19!
  • Flaw in Testing System Causing More than Fifty Percent of COVID-19 Tests to “False Positive”
  • How Everyone Will Test Positive For COVID-19

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 7-27-20

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