Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-26-21-Part 4

Table of Contents

  • Doctor Exposing Massive Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths-Gives Update on Lawsuit
  • Caught! CDC Suddenly Deletes Over 6000 Deaths (from the COVID Kill Shot) From VAERS!!!!!
  • UK Lets Contract for Temporary Dead Body Storage Services “In case of excess deaths event”
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene Knows Why FOX News & Republicans Suddenly Pushing Kill Shots
  • Joe Biden Says GOP Lawmakers & Conservative News Outlets Like Fox & Have Finally ‘Seen the Lord,’ by Embracing the COVID KILLSHOTS! while also declaring that the U.S. now faces a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”!!!!
  • FL Gov. DeSATANis says “these vaccines are saving lives” as virus cases in Florida rise again
  • Washinigton DC Secretly Injects Children With COVID Vaccine
  • The Lies Never End! Lying Forked Tongued Alabama medical doctor tells unvaccinated patients supposedly dying of COVID: ‘I’m sorry, but it’s too late’ You Should of Taken the Kill Shot!
  • We Warned You This Was Coming: Alabama governor says ‘it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks’ as plandemic supposedly worsens
  • More Covid Kill Shot Horrific Headlines
  • More Horrific Testimonies About the Kill Shot
  • COVID WITCH HUNT: DC AG subpoenas Facebook for data on ALL users that have spread “COVID-19 misinformation”
  • Covid Kill Shot Pushback Headlines
  • Recommend Protocol For The Corona Virus
  • Calcium & Vitamin D-3 Is Vital For Your Immune System
  • Recommendations and Vital ALL ENCOMPASING information regarding the nCOVID-19 Virus
  • Nebulizer Recommendation
  • On the Connection Between Graphene Oxide Found in “Covid Vaccines”, Electromagnetic Fields, Blood Clots & Severe “Covid” Symptoms  | How to Remove Graphene Oxide From the Body – Truth Comes to Light
  • Can Fulvic Acid Help With Demagnetizing the Unvaccinated & Its Importance

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 7-26-21

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