Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-26-21-Part 2

Table of Contents

  • The FDA could be preparing to unleash an anti-supplement policy as early as next year that could eliminate tens of thousands of products from the market—in the middle of a pandemic. Action Alert!
  • Senator Durbin (D-IL) is planning to include an amendment to a must-pass appropriations bill that would give the FDA enormous power to eliminate food supplements we need to stay healthy, especially during the pandemic. His deadline is early next week, so we have no time to lose. Urgent Action alert!
  • Religion of Peace Strikes Again!! Muslims Slaughter 3,462 Christians, Kidnap 3,000, Attack 300 Churches (Just In Nigeria Alone) So Far This Year!!
  • MEDIA BLACK-OUT: Muslim Jihad US Representative Ilhan Omar Brags at Global Communist Meeting, ‘Biden is Giving Us Everything We Want!’
  • Pathetic Husk “President” Joe Biden’s Wonderful Satanically Fruitful Headlines!!
  • Did Joe Biden Just Admit He Drinks Children’s Blood?: “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”
  • Biden Has Opened the Door for the UN to Move On America Prior to the Outbreak of WW III
  • Near the US Southern Border Wicked Cartel Members Break Into Ranchers Homes And Practice Witchcraft
  • U.S. Military Officers Warning Each Other–Get Your House In Order-Supplies — NOW

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 7-26-21

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