Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-13-20-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment: Result of Spiritual Warfare Prayers
  • Current Event Headlines
  • ‘Black Militia’ Threaten Death to White People in Cars and Demand Reparations/Money
  • Shot Twice in the Head and KILLED for Saying “All Lives Matter”
  • They’re Burning Down Churches, California, Florida, Alabama ….. Three in Just 24 Hours
  • Black Lives Matter and Antifa Headlines
  • Worldwide Population Being Tortured In Deep State Psyop
  • The response to Covid-19 mirrors Communist Chinese brainwashing torture techniques
  • States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate
  • Indiana News On “Reporting Mask Violators”
  • Track and Trace being forced on people simply wanting a drink
  • Colorado Town Threatens Up To A Year In Jail For People Who Don’t Wear Masks

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 7-13-20

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