Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-1-24-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Unbelievable! A witch knows this about her Baptist 33rd degree Freemason husband, but Christians don’t, why?
  • Ex-Witch Revealed what happens when Christian Believers Pray!
  • 84-year-Old Witch Doctor Turns To Christ
  • Did you hear about this video that was just banned on TikTok? I didn’t believe it until I saw it– Why is it only trans men wanting to participate in women’s sports? Why don’t women throw a fit about not playing in men’s sports? Well, because they know that there is a considerable difference in their capabilities to do so!
  • Right out in the Open–Gay Pride Chant: We’re Coming for Your CHILDREN
  • In Celebration Of Pride Month 2024, The Episcopal Church Unveils New LGBTQIA2SL++ Battle Flag Shield Preparing Their Followers For Antichrist
  • NBC affiliate employee fired after 22 years for posting about being straight on social media!
  • Beyond Disgusting— Phil 3:19:“…They Glory in Their Shame”–“An officer who will roll over on the oath to his wife, will roll over on his oath to the constitution”–It’s appalling what we celebrate and applaud. To think this is something to be proud of shows where we are—A Navy Admiral Coming Out of the Closet!–The highest echelon of our military is celebrating this man leaving his wife and family to be “his true self”!
  • Prayer Request—Going to a Mega Church In July
  • Scott Johnson’s Firsthand Account – Todd Bentely’s False Revival Shutdown<<Our report from our 7/30/08 road trip up to Todd Bentley’s Blasphemous Lakeland Tent Revival, subsequently (after Doug and I prayed for 4 hours there during one of the “revival” meetings) the following documented events happened…
  • Lakeland Revival, Conv. Child Molester-Todd Bentley, Lying Signs & Wonders-Parts 1-3 May 18th, 2008
  • “God TV”, Lakeland, Todd Bentley & Satanism-Part 1 & 2 June 6th, 2008

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 7-1-24

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