Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-6-22-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment: The Black Hebrew Israelites & the GOCC (The Gathering of Christ Church )– Plus Scott Johnson’s Warning and Another Listeners Reply
  • Black Hebrew Israelites Exposed
  • Black Hebrew Israelite Preacher says Jesus Christ was a Black Man
  • At Least 40,000 “Christian” Denominations Worldwide!!! Denominations are Unbiblical and Spoken Against in the New Testament!!!
  • LGBT indoctrination of children causing HALF of UK teen patients to tell psychologists they’re “trans”
  • Biden to Pull Meal Funding From Schools Not Compliant With Pro-Trans Policies!
  • “Satanic Fruit”: RELATED: ‘Skirt-Wearing,’ ‘Gender-Fluid’ Teen Found Guilty of Loudoun County High School Bathroom Rape
  • Listener Comment: Health Praise Report After Doing Deliverance
  • How To Pass From Curse to Blessing & Self Deliverance

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 6-6-22

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