Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-27-22-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Covid jabs linked to surge in “demonic possessions,” religious leaders say
  • Regarding The Overturning of Roe vs. Wade–Top Headlines
  • How Sell Out, Satanic Gatekeeper, Fake Christian Justice John Roberts lost control of the Roe vs. Wade Narrative… The chief justice had zero support for his “lukewarm” middle of the road effort which would NOT of overturned Roe v. Wade!!!
  • Roe being overturned does NOT end abortion! Praise God Roe v Wade is overturned! However, the fight is NOT over, states nationwide will make exceptions for abortion!
  • As Demon Possessed Abortion Activists Rage & Riot Over Roe v Wade Being Overturned–Baby Killing Supporters In The MSM And Politics Continue To Lie By Calling Abortion ‘Reproductive Health’
  • Left-wing states form BABY MURDER ALLIANCE, will become “abortion tourism” hubs for coordinated mass murder of human babies
  • Sodomite Pervert “Pride” parades march on around the USA with new urgency…—Nightmare Bombshell: Children Paraded With Naked Men Through Streets of Seattle — The Child Molesters Are Out of the Closet!
  • Bible Verses Regarding Defending & Protection of the Innocent & Children
  • CPS & Foster Care Whistleblower Exposes Horror: It’s Real, Child Sex Trafficking, Torture, Abuse, Murder
  • “Good Guy” John Walsh Connected to Child Trafficking!–Working With The Police, Foster Care and CPS! America’s Most Wanted Host Perpetrating Child Abduction Related: Meghan Walsh Discusses John Walsh, Adam Walsh and Child Protection
  • Children Saved By Sex-Abused Addict: Victims Of Satanic Abuse Saved By Warrior Brides Ministry

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 6-27-22

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