Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-29-23-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • The SHOCKING Way Target Is Turning Against Christians
  • Target Stores Are Openly and Proudly Promote Transgender Satanism and the Literal Murder of Christians and Conservatives!! See Garbage They Are Selling–If you give them your money you are funding evil! Satanic and cultish murder promoting clothing and accessories are being marketed to young kids at Target stores nationwide! Target PANICS Over Conservative Boycott–Too late Target! Look at the murderous satanic filth they are peddling–They are selling merchandise advocating murdering Christians & anyone not in lockstep with their brand of evil! Former Child Star Speaks Out About Satanic Ritual Sacrifice–Ricky Schroder just uploaded a video sharing a childhood story about Satanic human sacrifice in Hollywood!
  • Bud Light 2.0? #Target is now rolling out an LGBT Pride collection, including “tuck friendly” swimsuits for kids
  • They are now selling, among other things in their children’s “pride” section, “tuck-friendly” and “binding” swimsuits for kids
  • Hollywood Actress Speaks Out Against The Horrors Of The Child Porn Industry
  • Target Store Partners With Literal Satanists For “Pride” Collection As Adidas And Sports Illustrated Use Trans Male Models Pretending To Be Women
  • Utah Target Evacuated After Trans Extremists Threaten to Bomb Multiple Store Locations for Removing LGBT Satan Merchandise “We will continue to bomb your Targets until you stop cowering and bring back your LBGT merchandise. We will not be erased, we won’t go quietly,” email warns!
  • The North Face Unveils Ad Featuring Mustachioed Drag Queen Encouraging Children to ‘Come Out’
  • Calvin Klein Faces Backlash After Unveiling Obese Black Trans ‘Model’ Wearing Sports Bra
  • LA Dodgers Slammed Over Pride Night Invitation to LGBT Group that Performed Stripper Pole Blasphemous Christ Crucifixion Routine
  • Bio-Terror: Trans Antifa Activists Douse Themselves the Whole Area In Urine Outside UK ‘Equality’ Building
  • Australia PROMOTING Child Molestation: Australian Government Hosts DRAG QUEEN Story Hour Inside PARLIAMENT—The Ultimate Stated Goal of This Agenda is Sexually Molesting your Children & Making it Legal to do so!!!
  • What Does the Bible Say About These Sick, Perverted, Wicked, Demon Possessed Trans/LGBTQ Abominations? Sodom & Gomorrah Tells Us Of Their Coming Judgement!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-29-23

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