Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-29-23-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Bible Verses: Overcoming, Protection, Answered Prayer, Comfort, Faith, Justification & Fear of the Lord
  • HEADS UP!! Pre-Mark of the Beast Digital Currency Could be Coming In June
  • Is a Digital Dollar Coming? Financial Experts Warn It Will be an Instrument of Government Control
  • Trying to Withdraw Cash? Big Banks Like Chase Wants To Know Why, And NatWest Wants to See Proof!
  • Get Ready! Senators Given Satellite Phones for “Disruptive Event” That Will Take Out Communications
  • 30-Ton Shipment of Explosive Chemical Disappears from Train Between California and Wyoming
  • China Refuses All Communication with U.S. – For THREE Weeks Now!
  • Critical Comms Compromised! US Navy Warns Chinese Hackers Have Infiltrated Naval Infrastructure
  • Heads Up! Chinese Migrants Are Landing On Florida’s Beaches, 23K Migrant Encounters In March Alone
  • They are proposing an illegal alien adoptive family program targeting empty nesters!!!!!!
  • Santa Muerte–The Saint of Death and Underworld on the US Border—The Illegal Invaders Are Also Bringing Their False Satanic Religions!
  • Proposed Global WHO Treaty Supersedes Nation’s Constitution, Establishing Global Governance!
  • Listener Info: Tytler Cycle of Democracy–Introduced to this back in 1984 by a College Professor

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-29-23

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