Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-27-24-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Israeli Plan To Force All Gazan Survivors Onto US Ships Exposed
  • Iranians in London Celebrating the death of their Wicked President Raisi Ebrahim
  • The AI tracker–Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered Windows that Tracks Everything You Do [Windows Recall]
  • Why You Should Have RFID Blocker Wallets
  • What??? “more than one billion young people are at risk of hearing loss partly due to the rise of headphone and earbud usage”–250 Scientists Are Still Warning the Public about Wireless Earbuds due to Cancer, Neurological, and Other Health Risks
  • This Was the Atlantic Ocean Heat Anomaly in 2005 that Spawned Hurricane Katrina . . .Now Look at THIS Year (see the map below) Top report on Drudge reads: FLORIDA HURRICANE FORECAST TO THE MAX
  • New preseason hurricane forecast is highest ever issued. Brace yourself, Florida –THIS WILL KILL THE INSURANCE COMPANIES IF THE HURRICANE SEASON IS AS BAD AS THE WARNINGS, THEY ARE ISSUING 
  • The Atlantic is heating up and this is why it is most likely happening: Antarctica Anomaly Is Back! – Heating the Atlantic ahead of Hurricane season!
  • Predicted & Fulfilled: 5-25-24–Oklahoma TORNADO Outbreak Predicted! PREPARE NOW!–ANOTHER Tornado Outbreak on target for Oklahoma in just 24 hours AS PREDICTED!
  • Drinking Water Warning Issued Nationwide
  • More Illegal Aliens Living in The U.S. Than All Our Military Forces, Combined – Mexican Illegal Alien Breaches Laughlin Air Force Base In Texas, While Chinese Illegals Crossing The U.S. Border Break Another Record 
  • Self-checkout scanning and paying machines are CRAWLING with fecal matter, health experts warn
  • Essential Oil Protective Blend–How to make natural Hand Sanitizer Spray
  • VIDEO: UN Announces Plan To Ban Most Farming, Triggering The Starvation Of Billions
  • Smart Dust Biosensors and Chemtrail Dispersal
  • From a Medical Doctor: Share this video, all HEALTHCARE professionals need to know about this‼️ We used to think we had job security and that we couldn’t be replaced, well AI is jeopardizing our position
  • Listener Testimonies on the Covid Kill Shot Annihilating Their Family Members and Friends
  • Chemotherapy proven to cause long, agonizing, suffering death
  • Vaxxed ‘Super Size Me’ Star Morgan Spurlock Dead of Cancer at 53–Documentary filmmaker previously encouraged others to take Covid jab
  • mRNA covid jabs blamed by top doctors for contributing to surge in ‘turbo cancers’
  • Young adults who took 4 COVID vaccines are 256% more likely to die, especially from TURBO CANCERS
  • Pfizer unleashed wave of turbo cancers with its COVID jabs; now the corporation is declaring cancer is “our new COVID” profit stream
  • WHO predicts 35+ million cancers by 2050, but ignores vaccine-induced TURBO CANCERS
  • Michael Yon and Bird flu

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-27-24

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